Healthy fats thanks to innovation - Project Atena

Fats are an essential component of diet. The problem comes with the bad saturated fats, which abound in the market. Its pleasant taste and texture make them very attractive to consumers, but are also the cause of many negative health consequences, such as cholesterol or inflammation.

Project Atena is committed to innovation in healthy fats. Its goal is to replace bad fats with other products that offer healthy solutions, maintaining the organoleptic properties of foods such as taste, texture or odor. With these guidelines, novel creations have been developed, among which are dairy products, oils of different origins, juices and ice creams. It highlight is the commercialization of  "Mi Primer Helado" (my first ice-cream), a product developed with milk of continuation directed to children between one and six years.

The five Andalusian companies that are part of the project are Biosearch S.A., Aceites del Sur-Coosur S.A., Penalva Alimentación S.A., Ingeniatrics' Tecnologías S.L. and Phytoplant Research S.L.

The European Commission has co-financed through the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) with € 927,834 the project entitled "olive oil and other healthy fats. Technological applications for its transformation into products of high added value ", abbreviated in "Project Atena ".

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